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Which Flooring Is Best?

Options and Timber Floor Sydney

The best option is a matter of both personal taste and appropriateness. For a floor we need something that suites the situation – is it durable?does it need to be waterproof? – and hope fully something that looks good, especially when combined with the rest of the room decor.

Real Timber Floor Sydney

Solid timber floors have been used for centuries. And some of these floors even last for a century under reasonable conditions. This natural timber floor option is popular because we are attracted to the organic feel of the wood, and the semi-random wood grain pattern. The wood grain look is so popular that many synthetic materials will imitate the wood grain pattern.

A great advantage of solid timber is that the surface can be re-sanded to remove damage. Re-sanding removes less than half a millimetre of surface wood, but this is enough to remove most scratches and damage. So while timber is expensive to start with, the option to be re-sanded means it lasts for decades, and can be made to look like new.

The only drawback it that timber is not appropriate for wet areas like bathrooms, though it can work in the kitchen if it is well sealed.

Floating Timber Floors Sydney

Floating floors are installed above a regular floor (the sub floor). This floating floor is not attached to the floor underneath, hence the term ‘floating’. Instead, the individual planks of the floating timber floor lock together, and the floor stay in place because of its own weight. There will be a layer or two of insulation between the sub floor and the floating floor.

Floating floors provide a decent amount of thermal and acoustic insulation. This means the room is easier to keep warm/cool, and that the noise of people walking on the floor is largely dampened.

Floating floors are a good option for a DIY project, as long as the floor underneath is in good condition.

Floating floors are not really suitable for wet conditions.


Vinyl Plank Flooring Sydney

Vinyl plank is a more recent option for floors. It is reasonably cheap, and can be manufactured to look like timber or stone, so it looks quite good.

Vinyl is great for budget renovations, or for temporary putting a child’s nursery for a few years. It can cover plain concrete or particleboard floor and make any room look rather good.

Vinyl can even be used in kitchen or bathrooms, as long as the floor underneath is waterproof.

Prefinished Solid Timber

This is a form of natural hardwood, but with a pre-finished top layer. It has an advantage in being easier, and therefore cheaper, to install – the pieces easily lock into place.
Pre-finished timber has all the warm appeal and prestige of traditional timber flooring, and is a reasonable possibility for DIY projects. The only disadvantage is that is cannot be re-sanded. But it is not too difficult to replace any boards that are damaged.


Options and Timber Floor Sydney

We have all flooring options from natural timber to modern synthetic options. Make a room look better with new flooring.


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