Bamboo or Timber Floor Sydney

Why Bamboo is the Modern Alternative ?

Bamboo or Timber Floor Sydney

Bamboo is a modern alternative to timber flooring. It has been growing in popularity over the last ten years.

The popularity of bamboo is due to several reasons. It can have a unique natural appearance, or be processed to look like timber. Else it can be given a highly unorthodox appearance. It is also Eco friendly and moderately priced compared to traditional timber.

The natural appearance of bamboo is attractive, a light blond colour with a vertical grain. This is highly suitable for a modern open decor, when light coloured floors and sparse furniture are favored.

Bamboo feels satisfying under the feet. Unlike some cheaper floors it is quite thick, and feels solid. It does not have the hollow feel of synthetic floors. It feels similar to good quality hardwood.

The Environment

One of the main disadvantages of traditional timber is that it takes decades to grow, with harder, quality timbers taking longer. By comparison, bamboo, which is a grass, will grow to maturity in only 7 years. And it can be grown in areas that are unsuitable for other crop, with no chemical fertilizers. So bamboo is a good renewable resource.


Bamboo can be used with minimal processing, so there are few chemicals involved, and no chemicals left in the material when it is installed. But if you prefer the look of timber to natural bamboo, or if you want something exotic for your floor, then bamboo can be coloured and processed in countless ways. So you can have exotic, rare looking floors that are really just processed bamboo.

Bamboo or Timber Floor Sydney

Bamboo is the great modern material for Floors. It is environmentally friendly, and can be processed to look like timber.

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