Floating Timber Floors Sydney

Why Consider Floating Floors?

Floating Timber Floor Sydney

Floating floors allow you to add a layer of timber flooring above your existing floor. This can be done with any permanent alteration of the room. And it offers several advantages.

Advantages of Floating Timber Floor Sydney

–  Floating floors provide a fair amount of sound isolation, so people downstairs and next door won’t be disturbed by the sound of people walking on the floor, or by sound systems. This is very useful for dance studios or home theatre systems.
–  Floating floors provide a fair amount of heat insulation. so the room temperature stays fairly stable. This saves on heating/cooling costs.
–  A floating floor can accomidate the expansion and contratin that comes wiht heat and moisture change. The floor will not buckle or warp under any reasonable conditions.
–  A floating Floor will give you an attractive woodgrain floor, without the need for installing a permanent floor.
–  Floating Floors are not too difficult to install.
–  A Floating floor can be removed without too much difficulty, so you can have the original floor back.
Floating Timber Floors are only moderate in cost. And alternatives like floating vinyl are actually quite cheap.

Floating Timber Floors use a series of interlocked wooden planks with tongue and groove edges. These plank edges neatly connect to the adjacent plank. They can be installed over the existing floor without the need for nails of glue.

The floating floor will sit on top of a layer of soft material that provides the acoustic and thermal insulation. This also allows a certain amount of ‘spring’ in the floor, so the surface is a little softer to walk on than solid timber.

The timber used for Floating Timber Floors is prestained and finished, so there is no need to spend time on staining once the floor is installed. This means no strong chemicals in the home. And that the floor can be walked on as soon as it is put in place.

Floating Timber Floor Sydney

Floating floors are installed above the existing floor, providing good sound and thermal insulation. They are a popular flooring option.

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