vinyl plank flooring Sydne

Why do people like Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Plank Flooring Sydney

Hana Timber distributes vinyl plank flooring in Sydney. So if you happen to reside in the Sydney area, you’re fortunate.


Why do people like Vinyl Flooring? Vinyl flooring can bring a stylish decor look and practicality to any room. Vinyl is easy-to-maintain, comfortable under foot and suitable for many domestic and commercial applications. It also is available with many attractive patterns, colours and styles, so there is something for any situation.

Our vinyl flooring range varies from traditional colours and patterns to new and innovative slate, marble, timber and cork effects. The latest technology can produce stunning looks by replicating timber and stone designs by using advanced photographic technologies. So you can have the look of stone of timber at a very low cost.

Vinyl Tiles can also offer an alternative to traditional ceramic tiles. It is readily available in planks, sheets or tiles and you can also use this to create your own individual designs. Vinyl Floors are very popular among home owners and a very affordable solution among first home buyers. Hana Timber distributes vinyl plank flooring in Sydney. So if you happen to reside in the Sydney area, you’re fortunate.

Installing vinyl floor is an easy DIY flooring option, great for a weekend project. Get a complete makeover of your special room in just one weekend. We also provide advice on the sub-floor needed for installation to get the best results. When installed correctly this vinyl flooring will last for many years with little maintenance.

Vinyl flooring works great in high traffic rooms like children’s play areas or living rooms. It can give these areas a timber look which is highly durable and comes at an economical price. It also works well in kitchen area, where timber of stone looks much classier than other types of flooring.

There is also no need for paying heavy maintenance costs, no need for disinfectants and other sanitisers. Just warm water with a mop can be used on vinyl floor without any risk of damage. Prevent scuff marks, indentation or tears on your vinyl flooring by using a sheet of plywood or paneling when you move furniture across the floor.

Vinyl Plank Flooring Sydney

Vinyl is an inexpensive alternative, but there is no need to compromise on appearance. Have a modern look, have a kitchen or bathroom with a timber or stone style floor. Vinyl is modern and versatile. You will be glad of the choice.

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