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Why Strive for Real Timber

Real and Alternative Timber Floor Sydney

Genuine timber is a little pricey, and many other cheaper flooring materials now exist that do a good job of imitating the appearance of timber. So why stick to the real article when we could buy a cheaper imitation?

Genuine timber, as either solid installed floorboards or a floating floorboard, are visceral. They evoke all our senses. They have an organic texture, and the look of a real organic material. We become aware that this was once a living tree, and that it has been turned into part of our civilised world. It is therefore both part of nature and the world humans have created.

Timber floors are environmentally sound. This might surprise some people, but there are two important factors here. One is that natural timber requires less energy to manufacture than synthetic materials. Another is that sustainable timber forests actually help the environment, as constantly growing new trees helps to pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. If we use timber for building material instead of letting it naturally decomposes then we reduce carbon dioxide in the environment.

Individual uniqueness is another appealing aspect of genuine timber. Every board is different, so every floor in every home is different.

Durability is one area where synthetic floors are still struggling to catch up to timber. A decent timber floor can last for a century, or more. Even if it suffers scratches the integrity of the timber structure will not be compromised. The only real threat to timber floors is flood and fire, and this will destroy the building before it destroys the floor.

Repair for timber is also a positive feature. If the timber floor is scratched it can be re-sanded to restore a new surface. Many people have this done every 10 years. And if an individual board really is badly damaged it can be replaced without affecting the rest of the floor. This is often not possible with other flooring materials.

Considering Timber Floor Sydney

With natural organic appeal and high durability timber floors remain one of the best options for many home.


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