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Why Timber Floors Remain Popular?

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber floors have been used in homes for many generations. They have many advantages over other flooring materials, including appearance and a very long life expectancy.


Natural timber has a woodgrain finish that many people find appealing. Woodgrain is a mixture of randomness and order, being neither sterile nor messy.

Timber can be stained to a dark colour, or given a light lime wash finish. So it can be tailored to suit many decors, from modern to classic 19th century.

Easy Cleaning 

Wood can be simply swept clean with a broom, or vacuumed with a brush attachment. This is much easier than cleaning carpet. And timber is low allergen because there is nowhere for the dust of allergens to hide.


Timber will last for decades, even a century, under reasonable conditions. As long as the house doesn’t suffer a flood of fire the timber floor will be fine.


Perhaps the most unique property of timber floors is that they can be resanded. Resanding removes a thin top layer player of wood, removing any light dents and scratches. So the floor looks like new. After resanding the floor can be restained a new colour, or refinished in several different ways.

Many people with timber floors have them resanded every ten years. Even with this resanding the floor will last for a century.

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber floors are a grea investment that will add value to any home. The wood looks great, and lasts for decades.


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