Timber Floor Sydney

Winter Wood

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber floor are the most versatile flooring, because we can add to them so easily, or just leave them bare.

In summer the bare floor is great. Hard floors allow air to circulate easily, and are cool underfoot.

In winter we can add rugs to the floor, and have all the advantages of carpet.

For Cold Weather Timber Floors
– Add rugs to the floor, to warm up a room. They provide some insulation so heat is not lost, and are warm underfoot.
– Some people install hydronic heating so the floor is warm in winter. This is quite effective, but a major renovation and investment. An electronically heated floor mat can be effective in winter, and packed away in summer.
– Heavier curtains on windows provide heat insulation, especially at night.
– Letting sun light in during the day sometimes helps. Best with UV screen windows.
– Ceiling fans can sometime work in reverse, so the push the rising hot air back into the room.
– Older wooden floors developed ‘shrink gaps’ between boards in dry conditions. This is less of an issue with modern flooring which is more stable, especially with engineered timber. Adding some moisture back into the interior atmosphere of the house should remove the problem. Try a humidifier during winter. Use a hygrometer to monitor the humidity.

Floating Timber Floors Sydney

you can provide extra insulation for a room with a floating floor. This works in summer and winter.

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber floors are a great option in all season, cool in summer, and easy to add rugs to in winter.

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