Timber Floor Sydney

Wood Floors and Water Damage

Timber Floor Sydney

Water flooding is one of the few things that will damage almost any floor. But if we act early, remove the water, and dry the floor material we can minimize this damage. If the floors are timber we can often use re-sanding and polishing for a complete restoration.

Types of Flood damage:
White Water

This is the least troublesome type of flood. If the water is clean, from rain or perhaps from a leaking plumbing pipe, then it is clean, white water.
White water flooding will quickly cause timber floorboards to bend and buckle. If we promptly remove the water then we can greatly minimize the damage.
After the water is gone the floorboards should partly return to their former shape. But the floor surface will tend to be uneven. Professional floor sanding can restore the flat floor surface, which can then be refinished (stained, clear vanished) to look like new.

Gray Water
This is water from fish-tanks, laundry machines, dishwashers and other home equipment. It is unpleasant, but only slightly unhygienic. If the floor is disinfected after being dried it can usually be recovered.
Timber floors exposed to grey water can usually be restored after disinfection and re-sanding.

Black Water
This is water that has been contaminated by sewage. It is toxic, so any exposed surfaces need to be thoroughly disinfected. Floors are usually ruined by black water, the only exceptions are concrete.
Timber floors exposed to black water will almost certainly need to be replaced.

Sanding a Timber Floor Sydney

Re-sanding is a standard way to restore a timber floor. Over time any timber floor will tend to accumulate superficial damage, scratches and dents. Re-sanding removes a thin top layer of wood from the floor, removing any light damage and essentially give in a new floor surface. Many home owners with timber floors will re-sand have their floors re-sanded about once aver 10 years. This still allows the floor to last for more than a century.

When flooding damages a floor a thorough re-sanding can help. It removes the uneven surface, the warping of the individual floorboards, essentially giving a new floor.

Advantages of a Timber Floor Sydney

Timber floors are about the most durable option for homes and offices, one of the few floor materials capable of withstanding severe water exposure and flooding.

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