Floating Timber Floors Sydney

What are the advantages of Floating Timber Floors?

Considering Floating Timber Floors Sydney

There are several types of timber flooring material, and a few different methods of installation. One less common option is the floating floor.

A floating timber floor is a semi-permanent option. Unlike a conventional timber floor, where the timber planks are nailed or glued into place, the floating floor has the pre-cut timber planks held in place by gravity and their ability to interlock at the edges. This does require a subfloor, but this is not difficult. The subfloor can be a cheap flooring material. A layer on padding it put between the subfloor and the floating floor.

Floating floors have some advantages:

They offer considerable acoustic isolation. The sound of people walking on the floor does not carry. This means people in the room below or either side of the room with a floating floor will not hear footsteps. So floating floors are ideal for dance studios, or for not disturbing the neighbours.

Thermal isolation is also improved. If we heat the room the heat will not escape too much through the floor.

Softer underfoot. While not as soft as carpet the floating floor has a certain amount of spring, so it is not hard on the feet as solid timber floors or concrete.

Non-permanent – floating timber floors are installed over an existing floor. Often the existing floor is something quite basic. But we might install the floating floor over a good hardwood surface, to offer the more expensive floors some protections. Parent might put a floating flooring in the nursery, and then remove it when the child has grown up. Or we might put floating floors in a rental situation, to keep the expensive hardwood floors protected.

DIY – The average home handyman can install a floating floor with some basic tools. It is far easier to install a floating floor than a solid timber floor.

Hana Timber has installed floating timber floors Sydney wide. And they have also provided the materials for those home hobbyists who like to install these floors themselves. We understand the diverse range of flooring situations in various homes, and aim to provide the best option for each situation.

Floating Timber Floors Sydney

Solid timber floors, laminate, vinyl, imitation wood – we have flooring options for all rooms in the home, including kitchens.

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