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Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Sydney

Luxury Vinyl Vinyl Plank Flooring Sydney Vinyl has been around for years. It was always the inexpensive flooring option to be put over a hard floor. But it looked a little cheap, even as it lasted for years and held up reasonably well. Luxury vinyl takes things up a step. It is still relatively inexpensive. […]

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Low Allergen Floors

Low Allergen Floors Some of us suffer allergies, or have family members who suffer. In this situation it is best to choose home and flooring materials that will not aggravate the allergy. Carpets are popular with some homeowners. But the Low Allergen Floors can retain allergens and pollen that aggravate out health. Twice annual steam […]

Timber Floor Sydney

Considering Hardwood

Considering Hardwood Timber Floor Sydney Hardwood floors are popular because of their appearance and durability. But there are also synthetic alternatives that look like natural wood, and which are almost as durable. Consider these if you like the look of natural timber decor. Especially as hardwood is more expensive. Floors are a long term investment. […]

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Polish Timber Floors-

Timber Floor Sydney Timber floors will suffer wear as people walk upon them. We can minimize this with preventative measures, such as not using shoes in the house. But eventually every timber floor will need re-polishing and re-sanding. There are two main types of floor polish. Polyurethane is the most widely used. This come sin […]

Timber Floor Sydney

Decor and Wooden Floors

Timber Floor Sydney timber floors remain a popular option for a more prestige homes. The main attraction is the appearance of natural wood-grain.. But timber floors are also very durable, and will last for a century under reasonable conditions. Best of all, a genuine timber floor can be re-sanded If you have installed a timber […]

Timber Floor Sydney

Cleaning Timber Floorboards

Cleaning Timber Floorboards Timber Floor Sydney There are many advantage to timber floors. Many people like the appearance of natural woodgrain. And timber floors are extremely long lasting under normal conditions. Another great advantage is the timber will not harbour dust, pollen or other harmful chemicals as carpets tend to do. So timber is reasonably […]


Vinyl Plank Flooring Sydney  Where can you find the best vinyl plank in Sydney? Nowhere else but HANA TIMBER. Regarding vinyl planks, there’s something new in the market, lately. They call it loose lay vinyl plank. This kind of vinyl plank is a relatively new form of vinyl flooring. It’s glue-less, therefore, installation is easy-peasy. […]

Timber floor Products Sydney

Timber floor Sydney

Timber Floor Sydney Hana Timber distributes vinyl plank flooring in Sydney. So if you happen to reside in the Sydney area, you’re fortunate. What’s so good about timber floor Sydney? Timber floor can bring stylish designs and practicality to any room. Timber floors are an easy-to-maintain surfaces if you know how to care for them. It […]

Formaldehyde and Volatile Chemicals

Formaldehyde and Volatile Chemicals

Formaldehyde and Volatile Chemicals   Many building materials, both natural and synthetic, are processed with chemicals. Sometime a residue of these chemical remains in the final product. This chemical reside may be harmful in sufficient doses. One chemical to be wary of is formaldehyde. This is present in everything from fresh paint to furniture, plastic […]

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Hotter Weather Style

Hot Weather timber Floor Sydney  In many ways wooden floors provide the most flexible options for decoration. It is reasonably easy to add rugs and heavier curtains in the colder months to provide a cosier room; and it is easier to change this for summer.   Summer with Timber Floor Sydney  Bare wooden floors are […]

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Timber Floor Sydney – A Natural Sustainable Resource

Timber Floor Sydney – A Natural Sustainable Resource   Timber Floor Sydney Generally, most other floor coverings have a bad effect on nature. On the other hand, timber flooring is a naturally sustainable source. Majority of wood being used originated from selected places, and we’re really thankful that the days of cutting down timber with […]

Timber floor Sydney

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber floor Sydney  A Natural Sustainable Resource Most other floor coverings take a toll on nature. However timber flooring comes from a naturally sustainable source. The majority of wood used comes from carefully selected locations and thankfully the days of timber being cut down with little concern about Australian forests have long since passed. Choosing […]