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Floating Timber Floors Sydney

What are the advantages of Floating Timber Floors?

Considering Floating Timber Floors Sydney There are several types of timber flooring material, and a few different methods of installation. One less common option is the floating floor. A floating timber floor is a semi-permanent option. Unlike a conventional timber floor, where the timber planks are nailed or glued into place, the floating floor has […]

Timber Floor Sydney

Looking After Timber Floor Sydney

Timber Floor Sydney Timber flooring is a great addition to any home. It lasts for years, can be re-sanded and re-finished to suit different decors, and it is one of the few renovations that adds value to a home. Best of all, it looks great. Of course, if we have timber floors we will want […]

Timber Floor Sydney

Flat Out Flooring

Replacing a Timber Floor Sydney Ideally a floor should be flat and level. There are occasional exceptions; we might want a concrete floor to gently slope towards a drain. But if we have timber, vinyl or carpet flooring then we want everything to be even, otherwise tables and chairs won’t sit correctly, and bookshelves might […]

Timber Floor Sydney

Reclaimed Timber

Reclaimed Timber Floor Sydney Almost everybody likes the look of solid timber flooring. They have an warm organic appeal, and are also very long lasting. The downside is that they are initially expensive to install, even as they prove cost effective in the long term by lasting for a century. One way to avoid the […]

Timber Floor Sydney

Advantages of Hardwood Floors

Why Consider Timber Floor Sydney Several generations ago almost all floors were timber, because that was almost the only option. This changed as carpets and tiles and vinyl became available, or more affordable. Yet even with all the options many people prefer good timber over anything else. So why do people like hardwood timber floors? […]

Timber Floor Sydney

Suitable Hard Floor Options

Timber Floor Sydney Hard flooring is always popular. It is easy to sweep clean, and if you choose the right style, if the floor matches the room décor, then the results look great. There are several options for hard floors. Timber Floor Sydney Solid Hardwood Timber is a very reliable choice. It long lasting and […]

Timber Floor Sydney Floating Timber floors Sydney

Cuts Of Timber for Floors

Types of Timber Floor Sydney The tree wood that is used to make timber floorboards can be cut in many ways. Whiel there are many possibilities there are three standard methods of cutting. Each of these has certain advantages. Plain-Saw Timber Floor Sydney This cuts planks of timber along the length of the tree, with […]

Timber Floor Sydney

Popular Timber Floor Sydney Wide

Why Consider Timber Floor Sydney Solid wood floors have remained popular for many generations. This is partly because they look more sophisticated than synthetic floors, partly because we all tend to like the look of wood grain, with its mixture of randomness and order. Many synthetic floors try to copy the wood grain pattern (or […]

Timber Floor Sydney vinyl plank flooring Sydney

Why Strive for Real Timber

Real and Alternative Timber Floor Sydney Genuine timber is a little pricey, and many other cheaper flooring materials now exist that do a good job of imitating the appearance of timber. So why stick to the real article when we could buy a cheaper imitation? Genuine timber, as either solid installed floorboards or a floating […]

timber floor sydney floating timber floors sydney loose lay sydney vinyl plank flooring sydney prefinished solid timber

Which Flooring Is Best?

Options and Timber Floor Sydney The best option is a matter of both personal taste and appropriateness. For a floor we need something that suites the situation – is it durable?does it need to be waterproof? – and hope fully something that looks good, especially when combined with the rest of the room decor. Real […]

timber floor sydney floating timber floors sydney prefinished solid timber

Why Timber Floors Remain Popular?

Timber Floor Sydney Timber floors have been used in homes for many generations. They have many advantages over other flooring materials, including appearance and a very long life expectancy. Appearance Natural timber has a woodgrain finish that many people find appealing. Woodgrain is a mixture of randomness and order, being neither sterile nor messy. Timber can be stained to a […]

Timber Floor Sydney prefinished solid timber

What Decor Goes With Timber Floors?

Timber floors are popular for many reasons, including their ability to last for decades. One advantage is that they both suit so many different styles of decor and can be stained to different colours, to suit even more decors. Really, timber is long-lasting and so versatile. Contrasts Almost all interior decor works with some form […]

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