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Ideally a floor should be flat and level. There are occasional exceptions; we might want a concrete floor to gently slope towards a drain. But if we have timber, vinyl or carpet flooring then we want everything to be even, otherwise tables and chairs won’t sit correctly, and bookshelves might tend to wobble.

If the subfloor or the wooden frame under the house is flat and level, it is not too difficult to add a timber floor that is equally flat and level. But if our renovations uncover an uneven subfloor we may have to compensate when we add the timber floor on top.

Checking before installing a Timber Floor Sydney

A floor may look flat, yet reveal imperfections on closer inspection. This could end up causing problems when installing a timber floor. If we try to install a flat timber plank over a floor than is higher in the middle, we will find that the planks do not sit flat. This is not something we want to discover when we are half-way through installing the new floor. We might need to start again, which is a huge waste of time.

We should check the floor first. One simple, almost cartoon like, method is to put a handful of marbles on the floor. If the marbles roll towards one spot, you have a low point on the floor surface. If you have a concrete subfloor, you can use the same method with water. If the water collects in one spot you have a low point. Any area they stay dry, or seems to always dry first, is a high point.

A more professional approach is to use a fluid level. A fluid level mounted on a long straight beam (also called a carpenter’s level) will show any unevenness in the floor. Even a straight metal length, preferably over a meter or two long, will also do a good job of finding uneven spaces. If there is a gap under the metal length, you have a dip in the floor. If the metal length rocks back and forth, there is a raised space on the floor. Both of these can be an issue.


Reasons for an uneven Timber Floor Sydney

Check to see if the unevenness of the floor is a symptom of a more serious problem.

  • Structural issues are the foundations unstable.
  • A damaged floor joist.
  • Water damage that caused sagging or warping of the timber
  • Laminate that has worn away.

Any damage must be repaired before you install a new floor.

If the floor is stable, but has an uneven area, you can fix it by one of several methods.

  • A timber floor can have high spots sanded flat.
  • A timber floor can have low points filled with wood veneer.
  • Concrete can by a self-leveling compound.
  • If the floor slopes toward a certain wall you can use shims. These are sloped pieces of wood that compensate for the slope of the floor.
  • Raise the whole floor slightly with a wooden frame above the subfloor.
  • A thick underlay beneath a floating floor will compensate for a slightly uneven subfloor.

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber floors look luxurious and are extremely long lasting. Re-sanding and polishing make them look like new.




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