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Reclaimed Timber

Reclaimed Timber Floor Sydney

Almost everybody likes the look of solid timber flooring. They have an warm organic appeal, and are also very long lasting. The downside is that they are initially expensive to install, even as they prove cost effective in the long term by lasting for a century.

One way to avoid the high initial cost of timber flooring is to use reclaimed (recycled) timber. This is timber that was previously used for flooring in buildings that have now been demolished or heavily renovated. Basically, it is taking the timber flooring out of one building and installing it in another building.

An additional advantage of reclaimed timber it that, like all recycling, it helps the environment. No trees need to be cut done if we reuse timber.

Recycled Timber Floor Sydney

Older, reclaimed timber is often extremely durable, even more so than modern hardwood timbers. Timber floors from several generations ago came from trees that were centuries old, so the wood is extremely dense and hard. These make for floors that are highly scratch resistant. This type of tree is no longer cut down due to logging restrictions.

Older hardwood trees often have a very fine, intricate grain pattern that is quite different to modern timbers. And the timber planks may be quartersawn or riftsawn rather than plainsawn. This was an older manufacturing method that wasted some material but produced stronger planks with consistently, attractive grain patterns.


There are only a few downsides to using reclaimed timber for flooring. One is removing any old nails or other elements in the floor. The other is that the timber will need to be re-sanded after it has been installed, because the surface is undoubtedly worn. But this is often done to timber floors, and it allows us to apply a new stain or finish, giving great results.


Timber Floor Sydney

Solid timber floors are attractive and very long lasting. They can be re-sanded and polished to restore their original new appearance.

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