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Bamboo Flooring Timber

Bamboo flooring has been growing in popularity over the last generation, rivalling other flooring options like particle boards and hardwood.

Bamboo has the advantage that it can be processed to look like many other materials. It can look like many different natural timbers, stained to unusual colours, or made to look like synthetic material, with unusual colours.

Environment Bamboo Flooring Timber

Traditional hardwood takes many decades to grow. The timber product itself is exceptionally long lasting, but several decades is a long time to wait. Bamboo grows in much less time.

Bamboo reaches full strength after 6 to 7 years of growth. By this point its rivals the strength of good quality hardwood. It looks to be the material of choice for an environmentally conscious future.

Bamboo is sufficiently hard as a flooring material, but some bamboos are prone to scratching. A strong surface treatment should provide decent protection against scratching. But as with all floor surfaces the furniture should be placed on coasters, and all sharp or hard objects should be kept off the floor.

Bamboo is reasonably inexpensive. It is cheaper than other natural materials like hardwood, though a little more costly than synthetic materials. It make a good flooring choice for modern homes.



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