bamboo flooring Sydney

Bamboo Flooring Sydney

Bamboo Flooring Sydney

Bamboo has been used more and more as a flooring option over the last generation. It has proved popular for several reason, including its appearance, its sustainability as a natural resource, and because of its reasonable cost.

Bamboo is technically a grass. This makes it a very different material to timber from trees, at least in terms of how it is produced. But it can be used much like timber, even to the point that it looks and functions like timber.

Being a grass bamboo is quick to grow. It can be harvested after only 7 years, while good timber takes a few decades to reach maturity. It can also be constantly regrown form the same roots without replanting, without destroying the actual roots. This is different to timber which literally destroys the tree when it is harvested.

Bamboo is very environmentally sound. It can be grown in areas that are not used for other purposes. And it uses little in the way of chemical fertilizers, and minimal chemicals when processed into flooring. Fast growing bamboo means less energy spent on manufacturing, farming and less reliance on other materials.

Like timber bamboo soaks up some CO2 from the atmosphere, thus reducing at least one form of pollution, reducing one main greenhouse gas. This CO2 stays in the plant when it becomes flooring material. So, unless it is burnt or left to decay, it stores the CO2 where it can do no harm. Harvesting bamboo or timber is good for the environment, as long as new plants/trees are constantly being replanted to replace the ones used for building.

Of course while it is growing bamboo will release more oxygen into the atmosphere. It actually releases about 35% more oxygen than the number of trees required to make an equivalent amount of building material.
Bamboo Flooring Sydney

Bamboo is less likely to bend or warp under normal conditions than conventional timber. It is fine for any room that is not exposed to excessive moisture (meaning anywhere except the bathroom). As it can be processed to look like any hardwood so it can be used an an inexpensive replacement for timber; all the benefits including the pleasing appearance, at a reduced cost.

Consider bamboo for a modern looking home or to recreate the look of more traditional home decor.

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