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Measuring Curves

Prefinished Solid Timber Floor Sydney

It is not too difficult to install straight timber planks in a square room. What is difficult is when when we have to fit a timber floor around a curved or irregular edge. This requires either some clever tricks of modern tools.

From time to time we have to cut one or more floorboards to fit around a column in the middle of the room or a fireplace in the corner. These often means cutting round or zigzag shapes into the wood. It is difficult to both measure this shape and to cut it accurately.

Cutting Timber

There are a few ways to give an unusual (i.e.: non-square) shape into wood. One is to use a jigsaw cutter. This is an electric saw with a very narrow blade that can be maneuvered easily. A skilled individual can use this to cut any shape into wood.

Alternately, wood can be shaped by filing. This is a slower process, but requires only moderate skill to achieve good results. Different shaped files, round, half curved, flat, help give the right shape.

One possibility is to use a jigsaw cutter to get a rough shape, and then use files to fine tune the result.

Measuring the Shape

Before we cut the shape we must have the right shape to cut; we have to fit the timber around a certain object in the building, so the curve must the the mirror image of the object.

We can use a curve gauge to get the right shape. This is a simple device that consists a several flat slats arranged in parallel. This is pressed against the curve, with the slats then being locked into place to give a inverted image of the curve.

Timber Floor Sydney

Timber floors can be used in so many situations. They are hard wearing and long lasting. and can be re-sanded to restore their original appearance.

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