Formaldehyde and Volatile Chemicals

Formaldehyde and Volatile Chemicals

Formaldehyde and Volatile Chemicals


Many building materials, both natural and synthetic, are processed with chemicals. Sometime a residue of these chemical remains in the final product. This chemical reside may be harmful in sufficient doses.

One chemical to be wary of is formaldehyde. This is present in everything from fresh paint to furniture, plastic to floors. Modern building materials have far less formaldehyde than materials form a generation ago, but the chemical is still there, at least when the material is first installed.

In high concentrations formaldehyde can cause breathing problems and aggravate allergies. Even in moderate concentrations formaldehyde can cause tiredness, insomnia and confused thinking. In low concentrations there appears to be no risk.


Bamboo flooring Sydney

Modern Bamboo flooring is manufactured with some formaldehyde, but there is little left by the time it is installed. Bamboo flooring appears to be quite safe.


Floating timber floors Sydney

Floating timber floors use many different materials, varying form natural to synthetic and combinations thereof. Some of these may contain formaldehyde when first installed. It is best to let the materials air for a few days to let the formaldehyde dissipate.


Natural Timber floor Sydney

Natural products tend to have far less formaldehyde than synthetic products, but there are exceptions. Natural timber is quite safe from chemicals. But the flooring finishes put on that timber, like polyurethane or other protective coatings, or some colour stains often contain chemicals, including formaldehyde.

Floors that have been recently finished or coated should be allowed to air for a few day before people live in the area. Water based finishes tend to have fewer harmful chemicals.


Clear the air of Formaldehyde and Volatile Chemicals

The harmful chemicals including formaldehyde can be reduced by airing out rooms for a few days before use. Indoor plants also help to reduce the formaldehyde, as do air filters.


Natural timbers often the best option if we want clean air in our home.

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