Laminate and Timber Floor Sydney

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is a multilayered synthetic flooring material. Is replicates the look of stone or timber flooring with a photo-realistic surface image under a clear protective layer. It is an inexpensive alternative to organic stone or hardwood flooring.

Laminate has steadily grown in popularity because it can replicate the appearance of more expensive flooring materials at a fairly low cost. It is also quite easy to install and is reasonably stable under dry conditions.


Laminate is cheaper to install than hardwood. Both the cost of the materials and the cost of the labor is lower. Most laminate is less expensive than the cheapest type of hardwood.

Laminate has a clear protective top layer that resists scratching more than most other flooring materials. But no floor is completely immune to damage or scratching, so felt coasters are recommended.

Laminate is quite resistant to fading, far more so than hardwood or most other flooring materials. It will not significantly fade when used indoors.

Laminate is easy to sweep or vacuum clean. there are no special cleaners of equipment necessary. It is unlikely to stain.

Laminate is good for those with allergies. There are no chemical fumes and no place for dust to hide.

Laminate is fine for floating floors, which are installed above pre-existing floors.

There are a wide variety of laminate styles available, replicating timber or stone.


Laminates cannot be re-sanded or re-finished like hardwood. But it is reasonably cheap to replace.

While laminate will look quite good, it is not the same as genuine hardwood, and does not add value to the home.

Laminate and Timber Floor Sydney

Laminate or timber will be a fine choice for most home floors. These hard floors are low allergen and easy to sweep clean.

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